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A group of experienced therapists who are here to help….

JC Counseling & Consulting is a new and modern therapy practice in NYC that is made up of NYC therapists and counselors accepting Multiplan health insurance.

Real Solutions…

No one is removed from or immune to the challenges and pain experienced in this life; we all experience the human condition – none of us are exempt.

This is why we became a therapist.

At some point, you’ll encounter difficult situations that cause you uncertainty, but it’s important to understand and realize this: you’re not alone!

Lasting Change at JC Counseling and Consulting

That’s where we come in.

You’re here because you want a solution that will lead to positive change – significant change – lasting change.

You don’t know what to say or do. You don’t even know where to begin.  That’s where we come in. I’m here to provide guidance and walk beside you on this journey.

The thought of trusting a stranger can feel intimidating – and that’s because it is.

Right now, you need someone willing to stand beside you, to meet you where you are, but most importantly, someone, who will partner with you – serve as your resource.

While traditional psychotherapy is helpful, we here at JC Counseling and Consulting are skilled to address the areas where you are struggling most. Some of our services include:

Each clinician comes from different backgrounds, and are trained in the following:

Below list our specific areas of focus, where we focus clinical attention:

More About JC Counseling and Consulting ….

For many, people didn’t grow up discussing their feelings. Culturally there is a stigma around the concept of therapy.

What we’ve come to understand and realize is that while we’ve gone to school and obtained different post-graduate certifications.

None of that matters if we fail to understand the human experience – that we’re all human.

While our lived experiences may differ, we have all overcome something.

Reach out NOW for a FREE 15-minute consultation.  

We want to get to know you, answer any of your questions, and discuss how to set up an initial appointment. 

We’re excited to know that you’ve entrusted and chosen us to walk alongside and partner with you through this journey. 

And we look forward to beginning our work together.

Please inquire about Multiplan options accepted at JC Counseling and Consulting.

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Let’s begin this journey together…

Call us at 571-310-0166 or complete the contact form below.
We’re excited you’re here and preparing to take the next step in
your journey of healing and change.


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If you’re in crisis and feel like you’re in danger of hurting yourself please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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