Couples Therapy

Couples Counseling & Marriage Therapy

in New York City

“My relationship feels like it’s in the toilet.”

“Is this really worth it… Should I even try,” is what you ask yourself. 

The same fights over and over have begun to eat away at your patience. Both of you are just plain exhausted by the whole thing. 

“I feel so alone and wish things were different – I don’t know if I can take it anymore.”

Right now, it feels like nothing’s going right!

The love that burned so bright in the beginning appears nonexistent. 

It feels as if it has disappeared or evaporated completely. 

This person with whom you once shared this deep connection now feels like a stranger.

Sex isn’t happening, the intimacy feels as though its diminished. 

You think to yourself maybe someone has even stepped out of the relationship.​

Caught in a repetitive cycle, not knowing what to do…

You continue to ask yourself, “When will it stop?” 

No matter how hard you try to fix it yourself. You’re brought back to the same place. 

Fighting you experience is overwhelming and feels intolerable. 

That knot in the pit of your stomach reminds you something needs to change, but you’re unsure what that something is.

Hold tight; help is on the way.

Couples come to therapy for various reasons and find that through this experience we’ve been able to deepen their connection. 

Most important re-establish trust, which will lead to more intimacy and better sex.

It’s important to realize that at some point all couples experience challenges in their relationships are difficult to resolve without marriage therapy or couples counseling. 

Even the strongest relationships take work.

Although it feels overwhelming now, it’s very likely that you stayed because you’re committed to the relationship and want to see it succeed.

We will walk through this together…

Couples Therapy is a process, and if you stay the course and remain committed you will observe the long-lasting benefits.

Eventually, you will be able to take your relationship to the next level.

You will learn new ways of living, because you realize your relationship is a choice. 

You will also discover how to truly show up for each other, but most importantly, you will learn how to show up for yourself!

Let’s rebuild your relationship.

We will help you develop new ways to communicate, and effective ways to fight while increasing the depth of the intimacy that you share.

Now is the time to take action and begin Couples Therapy. 

Let’s being to change what is causing your discomfort. Let’s begin working to resolve the underlying issues that are present in your relationship. 

The next step is to call for a FREE 15-minute consultation. We are here, waiting to hear your story and begin moving forward in life

Or maybe your facing issues related to sex?

See the areas below where we can help!

Let’s begin this journey of change together…

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We’re excited you’re here and preparing to take YOUR RELATIONSHIP to the next level.

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If you’re in crisis and feel like you’re in danger of hurting yourself please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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