Female Sexual Dysfunction

Effective solutions to treat vaginal pain, sensitivity, and other issues negatively impacting sex…

There’s something wrong

“There must be something wrong with me…something is wrong with me. There must be something wrong with me.” It just keeps playing in your head – like a broken record. You’re struggling. 

Struggling because of the discomfort you experience during foreplay or intercourse (i.e., the burning, stinging, the pain…). 

Discomfort because of the emotional and physical impact of other conditions or issues.

It’s all just too much….

You want a healthy sex life – great sexual experiences, but it’s just too much. It feels impossible

With each attempt, you find yourself becoming more discouraged and frustrated — “No one should have to live like this. Why is this happening to me?” 

“What’s going to happen to me? To my relationship? I can’t keep this up.”

Or maybe you’ve kept this as a secret?

Gynecologist try to give you helpful pep talks; they mean well, but you need more.

“I just want this to stop…want to move on with my life!”

That’s your mantra, but defeating beliefs like “I’m damaged” and “No one will ever want me” begin to take its place in your mind.

Overwhelmed. Alone. Defeated. Sad.

The happiness you once felt is gone. You think of giving up.

While it’s easier to surrender, know two things: YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and We AM HERE TO HELP.

There is refuge. There is hope.

Many women, just like you, have sought help for a number of different issues. 

Sex is fulfilling. But somehow, you rarely, if ever, achieve the full release of orgasm. 

You desire your partner. You want to be intimate, but there’s so much pain.

Whether it’s internal (pelvic pain – experienced during intercourse/penetrative sex; vaginismus—involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles; ovarian cysts) or external (dyspareunia – stinging, rawness, or pain surrounding the vulva; complications of menopause – dryness, irritation, painful urination, painful sex).

It’s so uncomfortable you don’t even want to try. Or maybe you love your partner and feel you should want to have sex, but you no longer have the interest or arousal to engage sexually. 

Possibly, you’re struggling with the complications and impact of HPV, genital herpes, other STIs, or warts. Or maybe it’s something else… 

All you know is that something doesn’t feel quite right.

Regardless of what it is – we’re here to walk along side you on this journey – to find a solution to this problem. 

Through this experience, you’ll gain increased awareness and learn new tools to help you cope and resolve what is preventing you from living your best sexual self.

What happens next…

Together, we’ll make this journey of healing and solution.

During our first session, we’ll identify the presenting problem and other areas that could be impacting your life. 

We’ll then set your goals, and I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

While in session, I’ll provide you with applicable life activities that you can implement by yourself or with a partner.

Don’t go it alone.

What you’re experiencing is more common than you’d think, but it’s likely that you’ll continue experiencing this if you continue trying to deal with this thing on your own.

Without help, those things that caused you pain will resurface.

Regain control of your intimacy – your fulfillment – your life.

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