Richard M. Mills, Ed.D. LMSW, CHT

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Services I provide…
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Virtual Therapy
My Specialties are….
My areas of focus are….

I’m excited to meet you….

When you decide to work with me, it will be as if for the first time you are greeted with peace of mind… a sudden calm, sense of control.

Although the discomfort you’re experiencing feels unbearable, you find yourself motivated. Now is the time for change… Now is the time to begin living your life…

Together, we will begin this journey— I will be with you every step of the way.

We will work together to find a solution to help you make this change reality – and never look back!

I’m an experienced Sex Therapist and hypnotherapist, specialized in treating individuals experiencing sexual dysfunction, issues related to sexual compulsivity, infidelity, anxiety and depression, substance use, and issues related to grief and loss.

As a Sex Therapist…

I’ve focused my practice on sexual health, because I want to help you overcome the challenges that have a negative impact on your sexuality.

Fear and shame are two common themes I witness (especially from men who struggle even to talk about their symptoms).

Helping you navigate these issues – manage and overcome something you couldn’t even previously talk about – is my encouragement and inspiration.

My primary training for my specialty was at Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. It was there I gained knowledge and methods to effectively treat sexual dysfunction.

It feels amazing! Seeing people regain control of themselves and their relationships brings me to work every day!

As a Hypnotherapist….

In 2018, I attended an extensive post-graduate training at the Wellness Institute where I became a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

I began a skeptic – I left… a believer.

Uncovering the subconscious and standing beside my patients throughout their journey of healing, I continue to be amazed by the long-lasting impact, growth, and change hypnosis brings about in their lives.

As a Family and Divorce Mediator…

In 2019, I attended training at the Center for Mediation & Training that allows me to practice as a Family and Divorce Mediator. Realizing how difficult divorce is, I’ve found this to be an effective tool when working with clients who are struggling through one of the most difficult times in life. 

I practice divorce mediation because it provides couples the opportunity to move forward, without having their lives ripped apart in a court of law and avoid experiencing the nightmares of litigation. 

My goal as a mediator is to help individuals come to an agreement about the areas that are most important in life while remaining in total control of the process.   

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