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It’s the perfect moment, but…

What now? Can Sex Therapy help me? You’ve set the scene, the ambiance couldn’t be more romantic, you both want it to happen, everything feels so right – but your mind is racing.

“How will I tell them? What could I possibly say?” 

You could just go for it and hope for the best, but you know how that has turned out before. 

“Um… this is really embarrassing… I’m so attracted to you. I want this so much. But I don’t know if I can do this or make it last… this is so embarrassing….” 

“I don’t know what to do.” 

Or maybe your partner has set the scene – he or she clearly wants and expects intimacy, but you don’t. “It just hurts too much to have sex… 

I don’t know why.” “I love you – I want us to be happy – I just don’t understand why I have no desire to have sex.”

You’re scared and frustrated.

The more effort you make to resolve your issues around sex, the worse it becomes – and the worse you feel. What’s going to happen to your relationship? Can sex therapy help?

Shame and isolation. 

Maybe you’ve been to a doctor – they’re quick to prescribe medication, but you noticed after a while its effects begins to lessen or have stopped working completely.  

You understand there is something deeper that a pill can’t fix. But where can you turn? 

It’s difficult to tell a friend or family member – no one ever talks about this kind of thing. It’s too personal – too embarrassing.

You don’t want anyone to know you’re having a problem in the first place. And it just keeps getting worse. 

The Anxiety and Depression. You keep trying, but the bedroom is the last place you want to go now. 

“Will I be able to stay hard?” 

“What if I ejaculate too quickly?”

“Why am I not aroused?” 

“Why does it hurt so much?” 

The questions just go on and on. The mere thought of having sex now feels like a chore. Something that once brought pleasure now makes you feel resentful, apprehensive, even downright scared. You realize you need to call a sex therapist.

At some point, you decide it’s easier to just stop trying. It doesn’t feel right, and you don’t see how it can ever get any better.

Sex and intimacy is a process.

We’ve worked with many individuals and their partners. Like you, they all wanted to improve the quality of their sex lives.

And like you, they all want to know the same thing: “How long will this take?” 

The answer is that everyone is different.

Together, we’ll focus on best practices specifically tailored to help what’s bothering you. 

You’ll learn effective tools to manage and improve your symptoms. 

The good news is that most people begin experiencing relief – and satisfaction – within only 5-10 sessions! 

Often, once the symptoms resolve, you may decide to remain in therapy because you’re realizing the benefits and also dealing with other unresolved issues – generally rooted in anxiety and depression.

Whether you come as an individual or as a couple, we can help.

Not only do we help people dealing with male sexual dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction, we also focus on a variety of issues such as sexual compulsive behavior, navigating through polyamory, kink and fetish, and consensual non-monogamy, and work with all orientations – LGBTQ+.

Put down the prescription and set aside your fears. Try something different.

Something that works.

Don’t suffer in silence any longer. 

Now is the time to act. 

The next step is to reach out and call for a FREE 15-minute consultation. 

We want to get to know you, answer all your questions, and discuss how to set up an initial appointment.

Let’s turn the bedroom back into a place where you want to be.

Let’s begin this journey together…

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We’re excited you’re here and preparing to take the next step in
your journey of healing and change.

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If you’re in crisis and feel like you’re in danger of hurting yourself please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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