Sexual Compulsive Behavior

Effective Treatment Solutions for Compulsive Sexual Behavior…

You’re Consumed.

Continuously, you’re preoccupied with getting off — to the point that you’ve found yourself obsessed. It’s painful. What on earth is wrong with you?

You comb through the Internet in search of an answer – a label – and everything suggests that you’re a “Sex Addict!”

You want to love – and be loved, to have a strong, healthy, fulfilling relationship.

But somehow, you find it easier to connect with an electronic device – or engage in random sexual encounters – after which you wind up feeling unfulfilled, riddled with shame and guilt.

While you desperately desire a meaningful human connection, it’s easier to find what is available to you – temporary fulfillment. So, you settle for less than you really want. Less than you deserve.

“Why do I continue to do this to myself?”

“Never again,” you promise yourself.

Though you don’t want to, you believe your only option is to continue in the behavior. 

People see you as fulfilled and happy in all other areas of life – and you are, but not sexually. 

You walk around with extreme guilt and shame – emotional reminders of how you’ve failed. 

A few weeks later, once those feelings have faded, you find yourself bored – and there you go. You’ve downloaded the apps again. You’re back to where you started. Consumed. 

The cycle continues, but you’re unsure why you continue to do this, and you don’t know if you can change.

We’re all sexual beings. It’s who you are. It’s in your DNA.

Often, individuals will find me seeking to address issues related to sexual compulsion. They’ve been to support meetings, but realize they continue to struggle.

As much as you want to avoid the non-desired behavior, it will continue to repeat itself unless you fully address the underlying issues impacting your behavior.

We’re all sexual beings (you, I, everyone), but we have different ways that we relate to our sexuality. 

There is nothing wrong with random sexual encounters or choosing non-monogamy – in fact, these can be very healthy experiences that have shaped who you are.

Maybe you’re experiencing an inability to manage your sexual impulses, or you’re having uncontrollable, recurring, or intense sexual fantasies or urges.

You might be driven to certain sexual behaviors that are detracting from and having a negative impact on your ability to function each day. Perhaps your behavior has even resulted in seriously adverse consequences.

Or perhaps there’s something else – a problem you’re having difficulty facing – and so you use sex as an escape. 

Maybe you desperately want that healthy, stable relationship you see others having around you, but something’s holding you back.

And at times, we’ve all felt out of control — but now is the time to address the deeper issue(s) that will allow you to regain control and live a healthy/productive life.

Let’s explore it together.

As we work together, we’ll start by beginning to understand you as a person – to understand the challenges you’re experiencing. We’ll assess the current state of your life to help you make informed decisions that you can comfortably stand behind.

We’ll develop improved coping strategies, implement mindfulness, and learn new ways to develop the healthy romantic, emotional, and spiritual connections you need.

And, of course, we’ll develop safer health practices (i.e., PrEP—Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and condom use).

One thing is certain: you are NOT your condition.

You desire a human connection and deserve to be loved.

While society would have you believe you’re “damaged,” it’s important to know that you are NOT!!!!

No shame welcome here.

Children learn shame at a very young age – we don’t teach that in our office.

Through our process, you’ll begin to understand that while you came in to address sexual compulsion – there’s something deeper that brings you back to this unwanted behavior.

What happens next….

Don’t go it alone.

What you’re experiencing is more common than you’d think, but it’s likely that you’ll continue experiencing this if you continue trying to deal with this thing on your own.’

If you fail to reach out now, those things that caused you pain will resurface.

Now is the time to regain control of your intimacy – your fulfillment – your life.

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