Sexual Trauma

Begin experiencing freedom…

Right now you’re looking around and see everyone else living what appears a happy life.

You’re here, held captive by the secrets of your sexual trauma.  

You want to be happy, to have long-lasting healthy relationships, to live a purpose-filled life. But, you realize you can’t….

You’re still confined by the sexual trauma that occurred. 

It’’s possible this experience happened only once or multiple times. 

It could be something that has occurred recently or something that occurred when you were a child. 

It doesn’t matter when or how long it went on. What matters is your life has been negatively impacted by this violation. 

Right now you’re replaying the scenario in your mind. 

You wonder if there is anything you could’ve done to of stopped it and if this was your fault.

The long-term impact of sexual trauma…

Like you, many of the clients we see who’ve experienced this find their entire life feels undone.

“Why did this happen to me,” is probably what you’re asking yourself.

The unwanted nightmares and flashbacks bring back intense feelings of being unsafe and reliving that moment you were violated. 

The panic and anxiety are intense to the point that you feel like you’ve stopped breathing and are back in that place – reliving the experience. 

Regardless of when it happened, it’s possible that you’ve found it difficult to form healthy romantic and sexual attachments. 

Right now it’s difficult to engage in intimacy with your partner or spouse. You quickly become defensive or angered, for reasons you can’t explain. 

The body and mind continue to be highjacked by the trauma. What you don’t realize is that these are symptoms of sexual trauma – you are trying to protect yourself from being violated.

See how we can help….

While we do not yet know your story, we understand what it means to suffer in silence.

Our group of skilled therapists understand the long term impact of trauma and are trained to work in helping you resolve this. 

Through methods like hypnotherapy and EMDR, we have seen amazing transformations in the lives of those who’ve experienced sexual trauma. 

While this is a very difficult and scary time, we are here to help you in your journey to recovery and healing. 

And while we are here, only you can make the call. 

Call NOW for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation, so we can learn more about you and let you know how we can help.

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If you’re in crisis and feel like you’re in danger of hurting yourself please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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