Substance Abuse

Let’s breakthrough your struggle with addiciton…


“I won’t pick up again,” is what you keep telling yourself.

While this time you believe you will be successful, when temptation comes knocking, although you’re resistant to answer, you find yourself on the brink of relapse.

You’ve called your sponsor, and they tell you, “Get to a meeting” – which is good, as this provides support. But you wish that you could find something that addressed your situation more specifically.

Your family is tired of the struggle.

The amount of money you’ve spent on treatment, legal fees, detox, and rehabs could’ve put a down payment on a car or paid full tuition for college.

You’ve tried repeatedly to stop on your own – but realize that while this works for others, it hasn’t for you.

Breaking the cycle is difficult without understanding the bigger picture of why you use.

Understanding “Addiction” in a new way

The “JUST SAY NO” model isn’t working for you. You’re not an “addict,” so it’s time to stop referring to yourself as one.

You will NEVER hear me refer to you as this. 

No, you are a human who has developed some non-productive coping mechanisms. 

We live in an “addictive” culture that is focused on the self – we can be “addicted” to pain, co-dependency, our electronic devices… the list goes on. But because those are socially accepted and less stigmatized, we tolerate them as a culture.

Let’s change the dialogue together.

You’re the expert in your life. While I spent years working in chemical dependency, you’re experiencing trumps anything I know or will ever understand. 

Having experienced the impact of addiction in my own family, I understand every person’s experience is different. 

You’re a person who seeks a solution, and I’m here to walk alongside you through this journey – to stand beside you should you relapse, to work through issues of anger and resentment.

  •  Understand you as a person — and the challenges you’ve experienced in this life
  •  Utilize an approach that is most meaningful to you
  •  Assess the current state of your life and help you develop insight into underlying issues that cause you to use
  •  Improve coping strategies to minimize the desire to use when triggered
  •  Implement mindfulness within daily life to develop awareness
  •  Help you learn new ways to develop healthy relationships in your life while increasing emotional stability and spiritual wellness
  •  Utilize aspects of Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to increase awareness and address core belief systems
  •  Utilize aspects of an abstinence-based, harm reduction and/or SMART Recovery approach

You are the one in control.

Through this process, you will begin to understand your relationship with substances and explore alternative ways to manage your life.

Remember: you’re the driver of this experience – NOT ME!

We’re here, waiting to begin this journey with you.

As trained and experienced professionals working with individuals who struggle with substance abuse, we are here to guide you through this process!

But only you can take action to get started on the path.

Now is the time to regain control of your life. Call NOW for a FREE 15-minute consultation. 

Let’s get through this together…

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If you’re in crisis and feel like you’re in danger of hurting yourself please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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